Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finals from last semester!

 Last semester in both computer illustration and illustration we were assigned open assignments. The first piece here is a digital of Mingo and Fante, 2 jack of all trade 20's gangsters, for Illustration.

Next was my favorite piece for il. class. It was one of the original thumbnails for the open assignment, but wasn't well liked, nor had a specific purpose. But none-the-less, i thought it was a strong image. It was started the night before, after i had gotten frustrated with the Digital piece, and ended up being the stronger of the two.
 The pied piper was always a story that interested me, and so for computer illustration i thought i would be a fitting subject. After countless hours i scrapped the first sketch and started this one.
Heres a detail of the piper. Personally i think it would be much better done traditionally.